Struggles of Parking

Leeandre Richards

Parking is such a hassle to deal with every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re faculty or a student, there is still a lot of people who have to search high and low for a parking space on campus. I do want to say that everyone deserves a parking space if you are not a freshman that lives on campus. As far as those living in the upperclassmen housing that’s off campus, they deserve one too because it is easier to park on campus then to have to rely on the courtesy van or shuttle bus.

Our issues with parking occurs only because we have a large student body and a large faculty and staff as well. This is a good thing, but when our parking lots aren’t as large, then that’s where we have a problem. Although there are other parking lots to mitigate these issues, the locations of these parking lots aren’t convenient for everyone. No one wants to walk about 15 minutes across campus after classes to get to their car and go home. This might put someone at risk during the night, especially with cases about killer clowns. In order to protect students from this threat, we must tackle the current issues. Those who are residence on campus won’t have an issue with having to park far away from the building that he/she class is in because they can walk back to their dorm. If you are a commuter or live in the off-campus housing, then you are at a disadvantage. If there was a way to maximize our on campus parking without being selective on who can park where, then this issue may get better.

As our campus grows, the amount of on campus parking spaces with decrease. If there was a way to balance the population and parking space availability, I think someone should figure this out soon before this issue begin to affect the learning environment. What can anyone do about it, though because parking will forever be a problem.