Sprint into Homecoming

Miriam Correia

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and SCOPE with cosponsors ACJA, BSU, USGA, OSA, and Communications Club brought the Swimsuit Sprint to the UNH campus for the third year in a row Friday, Oct. 24.

Swimsuit Sprint was the start to Homecoming Weekend  (Photo by Erica Naugle/Charger Bulletin photo)
Swimsuit Sprint was the start to Homecoming Weekend
(Photo by Erica Naugle/Charger Bulletin photo)

As usual, it drew a large crowd. The Swimsuit Sprint is a fundraising event that doubles as an entertainment event. The reason for the fundraiser is to donate clothes to the less fortunate; there is a sprint in which runners sprint around campus in swimsuits after shedding clothes to donate, hence the name, and a concert follows directly afterwards.

Travis McHugh, the Service and Philanthropy Chairman of SAE, said that this was his third and last Sprint as an undergrad. He has stated that since it started in 2012, it has gotten bigger; the first year they got about 800 pounds of clothes, last year they received about 2300 pounds of clothes and they are looking forward to beating that this year.

“It is a huge honor,” McHugh said. “It’s nice to make a difference in the community and help those who aren’t as fortunate stay warm through the winter months.”

The crowd of runners was a little bit sparser this year because it was freezing on Friday night. According to Joshua Richards, SAE photographer, the amount of runners is directly correlated to the weather but the concert always brings out a large crowd.

Some people opted out of swimsuits and chose to run in various forms of underwear and spandex so they were half naked, nonetheless. John Foti, a member of SAE, has run in the Swimsuit Sprint for the past three years and has worn the same pair of printed spandex shorts for each sprint with a panda hat for the past two years.

The Sprint started promptly at 8 p.m. Runners started at Kayo field, ran by Health Services, by Soundview, around the Bixler/Botwinik Quad, and ended up at the Rec Center for the concert, where a line was already snaking around the building.

“I wanted to be able to donate my old clothes I no longer wear to the good cause,” said Jill Clark, a senior member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. “Being able to see Sammy Adams was also a huge plus.”

Those who sprinted were granted first access to the concert, while non-sprinters had to wait in line until all the sprinters had entered the area. Normally, the concert is held in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad, but do to the weather and extremely muddy grass, venues were changed the day before the concert, Thursday Oct. 23.

“This was the first time we’ve ever done a concert in the Rec Center,” Derek Watson, president of SCOPE, said. “Despite a change in venue so last minute, I think it went very smoothly; overall, we were very pleased with the turnout.”

Skrizzly Adams opened up the concert with his hauntingly beautiful voice and his band performed perfectly.

Sammy Adams continued the concert and continued to pump everyone up for Homecoming weekend with his awesome beats and catchy lyrics. Adams was interactive with the audience, hopping from the stage to the barrier between the audience often throughout his set. He played a mix of new and old music, and brought the concert to a close with his, arguably, most popular song “All Night Longer.”

Sammy Adams (Photo by Erica Naugle/Charger Bulletin photo)
Sammy Adams
(Photo by Erica Naugle/Charger Bulletin photo)

Skrizzly and Sammy aren’t exactly in the same genre of music, despite the similarity in their stage names, but they proved to be a great combination for the night.

“It was very well organized and I had a great time,” Clark said. “Both of the performers did a great job captivating the audience and it was awesome being able to attend the this as an alternative weekend event!”