Spring Weekend Residential Overview

Rebecca Kitchell

Spring Weekend is almost here!  This is a great UNH tradition; one that we hope creates lasting memories for all students.  For the safety and security of both students and the residence halls, Residential Life staff will be on duty throughout the weekend as well as the UNH Campus Police, West Haven Police and the Allingtown Fire Department who will be making periodic checks of each building.

All University policies will be upheld throughout the weekend just as they are every other weekend.  Please be sure to re-familiarize yourselves with the guest, alcohol, and party policies prior to Spring Weekend.  Please remember that progressive (round the world) parties and drinking games, including beer pong, are not permitted.

Overnight guests (of at least 18 years of age) must be properly registered and obtain an overnight guest pass from ORL staff (with proper picture ID).  Only ONE NON-UNH GUEST per student will be permitted over the course of Spring Weekend.  All guests (including UNH students) will be required to leave their student ID at the duty desk when they sign in.  Only residents of the building and their one overnight guest will be permitted to enter the residence halls after 1am.

All gatherings with 12 or more guests (excluding residents of the room/apartment) must be registered with the Office of Residential Life.  Registered parties will be limited to 8 per residence hall and no more than 3 per floor (Regency residents will not be allowed to register parties due to their unique living style within the community). Registration is on a first come first serve basis.  We are trying something new this year to make registering your parties more convenient for you.  Registration will be in the halls this year on the following dates/times:

1.         Monday, April 27th:  (D) 7-8pm, (W) 8-9 pm, (V) 8-9pm, (S) 9:30-10:30pm
2.         Tuesday, April 28th: (D) 7-8pm, (FH) 9-10pm Vending Room, (W) 8-9pm, (V) 8-9pm, (S) 9:30-10:30pm
3.         Wednesday, April 29th: (D) 7-8pm, (FH) 9:30pm – 10:30pm, (W) 12am-1am, (V) 9:30-1:30pm, (S) 9:30-10:30pm
4.         Thursday, April 30th: (D) 7-8pm (FH) Apt 4B5 9:30pm-10:30pm (W) 5-6pm, (V) 8-9pm, (S) 8-9pm

(W) Winchester Lobby (for Winchester residents)
(S)  Sheffield Lobby (for Sheffield residents)
(D) Dunham Lounge (for Dunham and Ruden residents)
(FH) Forest Hills RD Apartment/Vending Room (for Forest Hills residents)
(V) Savin RD apartment (for Savin residents)

You can also come into the Office of Residential Life in Bixler Hall beginning today and running through Thursday, April 30th to register a party.   We are open 8am-5pm M-F.  If you register a party with ORL, your apartment will be provided a free party pack containing water, juice, snacks and other free party novelties to help make your party a success.  They will be available on Friday for you to pick up in ORL and enjoy! Please note that all gatherings must end by 2am.  RA’s will provide you with a friendly reminder to start breaking down the party at 1am. 

Due to fire safety concerns, the number of guests per building will be limited to 175 at any one time.  Once the limit of 175 non-resident guests has been met, no one will be permitted to enter the building until someone else has left.  In addition, non-residents of a building who are deemed to be intoxicated will not be permitted to enter the building.

 In keeping with University policy, the possession or consumption of alcohol is not permitted on university grounds or in public areas.  No outside beverage containers i.e. hydro packs, nalgene bottles, squeeze bottles, etc. are permitted at any Spring Weekend events to include the concert, carnival or comedians.

Together, we can make this the best and safest University tradition at UNH!  We appreciate your support and cooperation!

The Office of Residential Life wishes you a safe and fun Spring Weekend!