Spring is here—April Fools

Gabby Nowicki

Gabby-bwI’ts 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning, March 31. I peacefully arise from my slumber to look outside my window to find white puffs falling from the sky. I rub my eyes a little and then pinch myself to make sure I was not still sleeping. To my despair, it was snowing. Blizzarding, in fact. Hail and wind included.

I rapidly checked my email in search of something saying my 9:25 lab was cancelled. Instead, I get an email saying “Hey we know it’s really dangerous outside so be careful, but class is still on so good luck…may the odds be ever in your favor!” Okay UNH. Okay.

I stomp around my apartment like a toddler while making breakfast and getting ready for class—which I can’t skip. I anally check my email hoping for a godsend telling me morning classes are cancelled. I stare out the window, defeated, watching the white puffs fall in clumps from the grey sky, begging it to be a downpour instead.

My parents were just up for the weekend so I gave them my winter jacket, scarves, hats, and gloves—naively thinking it was supposed to be spring and all. As 9:15 approached, I geared up for what would be a terrible walk across campus, to the building behind Bethel Hall—where my lab is held. I mentally prepared myself to brace the storm and remember to walk carefully. Upon my first step outside my dorm, I slid. I was pelted with giant clumps of snow. The shoveling crew just got out there so nothing was shoveled yet. I was amidst a complete winter wonderland.

When I got to my first set of stairs, I clung for life to the railing as I climbed each step slowly. I slid a couple more times and watched many others struggle around campus. It was not until I got to Campbell Street where I actually fell. Covered in snow, pissed off and annoyed, I entered my class to find only like eight out of the 20 students show up.

A majority of them are commuters and therefore could not even get to the school. The two hills on campus were blocked off by police cars! The shuttles from off-campus housing stopped at Shoprite and made the students walk the rest of the way. After talking to multiple people later on, I heard that they, too, had difficulty walking around campus and many fell as well. It was Monday morning madness.

The snow had stopped by 11 a.m. and by the afternoon, most of it was melted (which I attribute to global warming). It was completely unexpected and it was absolutely ridiculous that the school did not cancel morning classes. Was it because we missed so much before?

Is the risk of students falling and car accidents of professors and commuters not as important? All they had to do was cancel classes that started before 11 a.m. If they checked the weather beforehand and saw the storm was actually going to affect us, then the shoveling crew could have been out there earlier and had the sidewalks done for when we actually had to use them! All in all, Monday morning sucked. I was an angry individual that day and was not happy until it the sun was shining and actually felt like spring again!

*As a side note, if it snows one more time, I am quitting the semester and moving to Fiji.