Spring Has Sprung

Nadine Northway

This past week here at UNH has been great with all the warm weather. Of course, here in New England it changes quickly, but while it was warm students took advantage! The warmth brought everyone to the outdoors. Out came the Frisbees, softballs, footballs and even beach balls. Some students brought out their towels and tried to get some color on their sun-deprived skin.

Looking around campus was like watching a movie. Music from WNHU was blasting, and everyone was having a fun time out in the sun on a college campus. Everyone acted like it was the beginning of the school year; it was beautiful—the sun, the sky, the smiles.

The only downside to the energy was trying to avoid getting smacked in the head with a football. Not everyone was so quick on their feet, so watching people try to catch was a bit frightening if you were an innocent bystander. But even so, people didn’t go inside. From people doing homework to people ignoring homework, it was a fun few days.

There were tons of events in the quad, from the pies in the face to just music everywhere; everyone was excited for the great weather. I’m glad the warmth is back because it means later nights sitting up for the sunrise without freezing your legs off, and not worrying if you need one or two hoodies under your winter coat. Everyone is wearing cute spring colors and floral patterns and sporting beach shorts. Seeing people excited to get ready in the morning is just a good feeling. I’m glad it’s back.