Spring Concert!


There is no doubt that we had a beautiful weekend this past weekend. If you’re the type of student who goes home every weekend, this is the one weekend of the year that you cannot go home. There are tons of events taking place all over campus by various different organizations and student groups. I would encourage all of you to takeThumbnail image for louis.JPG part in as many activities as possible while doing so in a safe manner. There have been many students who have been working hard all year long to pull off many of these large scale events and I would like to thank all of them for their hard work.

One group in particular is SCOPE. They have been working hard to plan and coordinate the events of Spring Weekend, which include many more obstacles than it seems. Items like fighting for proper and usable space, permits, and the massive amount of logistical issues are starting to come together. So while you are out enjoying the festivities please take a second to stop any of the members of SCOPE for all of their hard work all year long. They certainly deserve it! Enjoy the weekend!