Spring Concert 2012

Michelle R Morra

Spring Weekend is filled with events both put on by SCOPE and other clubs and is the biggest and most anticipated weekend all year.

J Adams Photography

  And all year the most anticipated event is the Spring Concert, and this year’s concert had to be the biggest this school has ever seen.  Students love the event put on by other clubs and the Spring Comedian and Spring Carnival, but the Spring Concert is what everyone waits for, and there were not a lot of disappointed people that came to it.

On Saturday, April 28, after the Spring Carnival, people started lining up for the concert just waiting for a great show to start.  The doors for the concert opened at 7:00 p.m. and just like for the Spring Comedian SCOPE was on top of security and checking every student, including checking their tickets and their UNH I.D.’s and guests state I.D.’s.  All the staff checking people were working very hard and being vigilant to make sure everyone was safe.

But once students got past the front, that’s when the fun really started.  Students started filling the gym and everyone was trying to get as close as possible to the stage to get the best view and get as close as possible to the performers.

The opener and emcee for the night was D.J. Earworm, and he was up first to start getting the crowd pumped up for the night’s festivities.  He played a lot of his mashups from his United States of Pop series from the last couple of years, and when he came on the second time he mixed his Pop series with some of his other mashups. These included songs such as “Like OMG,” “Baby,” and “Party on the Floor.”  He was doing a great job at getting students pumped up and keeping them pumped until the very end of the show; he was definitely a good pick for an in between artist and emcee.

Then one of the major performers of the night walked out on stage and kept the party going.  Four Year Strong played some of the crowd favorites so that people could sing along and get into the mood.  They continued to play crowd favorites and some cover songs for an hour before the students were ready for the end of the night and ready for LUDACRIS.

There is no scale on earth to measure how loud the crowd cheered when Ludacris walked out on stage.  He started the show with a bang and kept it going for over an hour, and the crowd was going with him. There was no stopping anyone.  For every song that Ludacris was singing, the crowd was singing along with him, and they were even impressing him.  He was even playing songs from his tracks that were not played on the radio, but the crowd knew the lyrics. He even performed his very first single, “Phat Rabbit”, and that was a big hit.

Throughout the entire show, the crowd was jumping up and down and waving their arms, but not as much as when Ludacris was on stage and pleasing the crowd.  Every student walked out of the gym that night tired from all the jumping and singing they had been doing.  And that was proof to SCOPE that they did a great job picking a great artist. This had to have been the most popular spring concert yet.