Spotify Playlist: 2000’s Punk

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If you’re feeling sentimental, this week’s playlist is a throwback to pop punk and punk rock from our classic middle school days.

I Miss You – Blink-182
There was nothing like Blink-182’s melodramatic lyrics to get you through those middle school heartbreaks.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
Because life couldn’t get any worse in 7th grade when your friends ditched you in the lunch line, this Green Day song echoes the same sad vibes of walking alone with a convoluted consonance of chords.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! At the Disco
Brendon Urie’s wide range of vocals perfectly captures feelings of angst.

I Want You To – Weezer
The upbeat antics of a man in love are put on hold because now it’s the lady’s turn to make the move.

Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
Since we were all so badass in our youth, this song was a feather in our caps for scaring the crap out of our parents.

Check Yes Juliet – We the Kings
Don’t lie, we all jam out to this classic summer hit whenever we hear it because of its catchy lyrics and energetic sound.

Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus
You’d know it if you have heard it or because Jason Biggs is in the music video but, either way, this brings you back to a middle school dance.

The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
This positive and optimistic song is every middle schooler’s anthem to remind themselves that everything will be alright.

1985 – Bowling for Soup
This early 2000 hit keeps you up on your toes with its fast and bouncy beat.

Weightless – All Time Low
When you’re in the need of a pick me up remember: it’s gonna be your year!