Sorority Hosts “Show Your Spots”

Expressing yourself can be difficult, but the sisters of Lambda Pi Upsilon hosted “Show Your Spots,” where students could write their qualities on paper jaguar spots and place them above the Bartels’ fireplace lounge. The event focused on making students from all backgrounds feel welcome and free to share their personal expression.

“I think this event is important for our campus climate because it’s for everybody to embrace themselves as to who they truly are and to showcase that to the campus community,” said Lambda Pi Upsilon sister Olivia “Livvy” Acevado. “Sometimes people hide themselves or don’t come out of their shells, but hopefully this is a way for people to express who they truly are, and I hope that people really look at the spots on the wall and see what people love about themselves.”

“Show Your Spots” is an event that gives students an outlet for their voice, while providing a space to gather in solidarity.

Shania Vidro, who became a Lambda Pi Upsilon sorority member earlier this year, said, “We do a lot of events like this and this means a lot to me because it’s great seeing how people feel about themselves and it just definitely boosts your self-esteem.”

Collaboration and support from other organizations makes it easier to socialize with friends, and meet new ones. It’s an opportunity for students to be vulnerable, express their personal faults, and embrace them at the same time.

Sophomore Jordan Harris said, “I came because I love showing support to all my multicultural orgs. Also, because I am an am azing mess, I’m an amazing person, I love myself, I love me some me but also, I know I’m a mess. I have my faults, so I’m not afraid to admit it.”