Sodexo is Bad, But it Could Be Worse

Kiana Quinonez

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If you’re a student at the University of New Haven, then you are all too familiar with the often disagreeable dining services offered. Students frequently complain about the dining service Sodexo: the catering company that fills our dining halls every morning, noon, and night with food. If you want to eat on campus then you are more than likely eating a meal planned out by a Sodexo chef who works at headquarters, and knows nothing about mass production of food. Despite the propaganda of chef inspired meals made with love and care, we see through your ruse Sodexo, you are not slick.
Nonetheless, they do a decent enough job. Of course, I would like to see the $2,000+ I spend a semester on a dining plan go to something a little more digestible and fulfilling than watery scrambled eggs, stale granola and over seasoned meat, I do have to say it could be worse.
That is not the general consensus, it seems, for many students at The University. With nicknames like “Shart-els” to describe our largest dining hall on campus (Bartels), and many students opting to spend precious dining dollars at the various other on campus locations that do not take swipes, it is clear that the student body is not satisfied.
Last semester there was a large movement to have the catering company kicked off campus. Articles were written and shared on Facebook in which students expressed their dissatisfaction with the company. One main point made was the lack of fresh fruit available. There were complaints about the variety of meals offered and the quality of the food itself.
Instead of complaining about things we cannot control, maybe we should try being a little grateful for the things we do have. Bartels offers something new everyday, and there are a few favorites they keep consistent. If you aren’t feeling the meal of the day there is always the Tex-Mex, sandwich, pizza, and salad stations.
Food On Demand will always have bacon cheeseburgers and chicken tenders. If none of the suits your fancy there is WOW Cafe or Sandella’s, only a swipe and some change away from very addictive chicken wings and fries.
Let us not forget that Sodexo is listening. Although their changes are small, they do ask what we want and think about how they’re doing. It seems as if there is an opportunity for free candy and a survey throughout the entirety of every semester. Even though the changes you may want to be seen are not always executed, changes are made.
People fail to recognize that Sodexo does not cook for a gourmet restaurant. They cater for colleges and events. Their only job is to make a lot of food for a lot of people at one time, and to do so efficiently. That’s how you run a business. As much as I would love to eat a five-star meal cooked to perfection everyday, that simply is not realistic. If you really want that then we would all be paying a lot more for our meal plan. With how much it already costs to attend the University, I think I’ll pass. Sodexo will do just fine for me.