Sodexo Food is Getting Harder to Stomach


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Liz Sloane, Contributing Writer

While there are many things that receive complaints on campus, nothing is as popular to loathe as the food offered by Sodexo. Yes, it’s true that we have our very own salad bar and vegetarian station, but is that enough?

The most popular food, as can be assessed by the meal time rush at Bartels, is reflected by the long lines for sandwiches, Tex Mex, and burgers… and french fries. These foods appear to be the most popular to the casual observer, but aren’t very hard to come by. Students choose these foods because they’re the safe option.

When sophomore Sabrina Brocken was asked why she was waiting in the sandwich line instead of other options she stated, “I’m gonna be honest, sandwiches seem like the most appetizing thing here.”

These foods aren’t necessarily what students want to eat every single day, however, one can be fairly certain that they’ll at least taste mediocre.

Freshman Samuel Opaleye said, “I feel like that’s the least easy thing to mess up” in response to why he mostly ate sandwiches at Bartels. The alternative option would be to waste a meal swipe on food that doesn’t taste good, but then force yourself to eat it anyway.

This would not be so bad if it were the only issue. Unfortunately, often after eating at Bartels students will experience stomach troubles or discomfort.

Freshman Meghan Luke is all too familiar with this phenomenon.

“Sometimes if I want pasta, I know it’s better to get it at Bartels instead of FOD so I don’t waste my dining dollars on it. But I just know going in that later I’m not going to feel good,” Luke said.

Students have mixed feelings on whether or not they believe the food services on campus will actually improve.

Sophomores Sabrina Brocken and Abigail Donahue agree that food services have improved since they were freshman. They also think that if more people took the surveys at Bartels the food might improve.

Samuel Opaleye noted, “I think a lot of people already fill them out, but maybe.”

Still, there are others who think that nothing can be done to improve the food on campus, as long as Sodexo remains.

Freshman Kevin Fay stated, “It’s time to make a change, we definitely need a new food provider other than Sodexo. Preferably something that tastes good and doesn’t make me feel sick after I eat it.”