Social Network with Benefits

Social Network with Benefits

College students should view their social networks as another part of their professional resume.

Recently, I read an article in Forbes Magazine that spoke about advancing careers through social networking. As a college student, I initially thought, “how can social networking benefit me and my peers?”

According to the article, conducted a survey in 2012, which showed that 37 percent of employers use social networks to screen job candidates, and some base their hiring decision off of what they find.

The article also explained that networking is something most people are part of and the importance of networking is essential in collegiate careers. We learn to form relationships and connections through networking with jobs, professors, and internships. Many use their social outlets to show life experiences, such as the duck face pose or a picture sitting on the New Haven Green, taking in the scenery.  Our biggest mistake is not using social media platforms to create new connections, which can open the door to job opportunities.

We all fall victim to snapping, posting, and talking about content that may be inappropriate, such as chugging down a beer or smoking marijuana,  which can affect our opportunity with a potential future employer.Young professionals wishing to step into their dream career right out of college should take the steps to open those doors.

Social networks are a way of expressing yourself, but do so with caution. You never know who is watching or reading your daily post. To help impress potential corporations, you should post about things you’re interested in. Pictures of volunteering on campus, participating in clubs, interacting with mentors, writing for the university’s newspaper , or raising funds with your sorority or fraternity for a good cause are all ways to impress a potential employer.

Whatever it may be, your post on social networks should show things you are passionate about, or even your views on important issues going on in the country. These things can lead to connections and will showcase you as a future employee for their company.

Now, this is not saying you should take it to the extreme and be afraid to post exciting things happening in your life. We all want to show our followers what we’re up to.  Just be mindful of what you post or say on your social networks, remembering that it can be another connection professionally. Opportunities are always watching us, so take the steps to showcase yourself so that you reap the benefits.