Social Media is Taking Over

If social media shut down today, the world would end. It would be like unplugging the television in front of a five-year-old who’s watching their favorite cartoon show. The floor would rumble from pounding feet, screaming “I want my social media,” demanding answers. Chaos would ensue.

Social media has become too important to society by becoming a platform for change, inspiration and keeping the world updated.

Social media has changed from LimeWire and Myspace, to Instagram and Snapchat. With new gadgets and applications being created daily, the new age of social media technology has advanced greatly. There is always an urge to keep up with what’s trending, see how an old friend is doing, or scroll through our favorite comedian’s page.

Social media is a tool that allows society to stay connected, entertained, and pulled deep into the abyss of likes and follows. For example, it takes one video from the explore page on Instagram or Twitter to reel you in, and have you scrolling for hours.

It has also changed the workforce by launching it into the technological era. The ability to search for jobs online, make professional media profiles and upload resumes to sites like LinkedIn has made finding employment easier. Social networks have also created new career fields in every type of organization, with companies and or businesses, looking for social media experts.

On top of that, many businesses use social media to market products such as the ones from a china product sourcing company, reach new audiences and ultimately play the field of online business. Branding is huge on social media for individuals looking for a chance to have their talents shown, or companies looking to expand their numbers. It’s become the smartest tool to sell one’s image, build a business and make connections all over the world.

The impact of social media on society has grown to be something that keeps the world balanced. The amount of change social media can endure is endless and it will only continue to adapt and advance because people will always want more.