So You Weren’t at the Football Game Because…

Joann Wolwowicz

Joann Wolwowicz, Assistant Editor

This Saturday was a day to remember as hundreds of people, myself included, made their way up to North Campus for the first home football game of the semester. It was absolutely the most beautiful day for a game, especially since it wasn’t too cold sitting in the stands, at least during the beginning. I have never seen that stadium so full of students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and members of the NAACP. It made me proud to be a student here at UNH. (Winning the game didn’t hurt either.)

Sitting in the stands, all I could hear were compliments for everything that happened that day. (Well, that doesn’t include those people who just complain about everything.) For those of us who attended last year’s games, it was obvious that there was already a lot of improvement on that field. I was impressed with our team this year and quickly had high hopes for this season, early on in this first game. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but seeing last Saturday’s game, I’m confident that we have an exciting season to look forward to.

That being said, I was also impressed with the packed stadium. Many scrambled for seats and others squeezed more people onto the bleachers than was comfortable for those around them. Sure, I know that a lot of this was due to this being the first home game and the Harmony Classic, but I fully expect to see the stands full for the coming games. If we don’t support our own team, then who will? For those of you who had to miss this first game or decided to skip it because it just wasn’t worth your time, then you missed out. Keep taking that attitude and pretty soon you will realize how much of your college experience you have missed.

Halftime is always something to look forward to in my book. (It’s a chance to stretch for one thing.) This was one halftime to remember, with both our Charger band and Lincoln’s band taking the field to perform for the crowd. It was a surprise to see how our own band has increased in size from last year. However, the star of halftime had to be Lincoln’s band, whose performance was both entertaining and upbeat. I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed that halftime show. Sadly, time did not permit to see the cheerleaders or UNH’s dance team Emanon perform during halftime. But, maybe if people in the stands had listened, they would have known that both the cheerleaders and Emanon would be performing after the game. To anyone who may not have gotten the hint, that meant stick around. Honestly, five minutes left of the game and half the crowd left. If you missed it then you missed out because the dance team just keeps getting better and better, and it was nice to see the cheerleading squads from both schools do a routine together.

Next week’s game is promising to be a good one as well, so I want everyone to put some blue t-shirt on (I know you all have one, because they are given out on this campus like free candy.) and go support our Chargers. See you all at the game!!!