So I Caved…

Zack Rosen

So I caved. Maybe this year, I figured, with the economy in a downfall and all, the mall, the Post Road, and stores in general wouldn’t be so bad on Black Friday. But as I got towards those destinations, I thought of one word.


Oh, that brilliantly frustrating time of the year is upon us yet again! Can you believe how fast this semester is flying by? None of us can. But now that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s quite noticeable that the semester is almost over. No, it’s not the tests and papers and research work. It’s the idiots.

On the way to the mall on the Boston Post Road, you’ll encounter nearly twice as many idiots as you will accidents. Once you pull into the mall, it will take you anywhere from two to 15 minutes to find a parking space. Once in the doors, you’ll run into about three people you know, and literally run into 30 others that you don’t know. Upon entering a store, you’ll be attacked by sales, by customer service representatives, by discounts, and by an overuse of the colors red and green.

But perhaps the worst part is the rushing. Do people not realize that Christmas is still a few weeks away? What is the point of rushing around so much?

Furthermore a problem, those like ourselves who go to the mall NOT in a rush end up becoming sensitive to others around us and, subsequently, rushing ourselves throughout our very own initially stress-free shopping experience!

So as you buy those gifts, as you drive down the road, and as you encounter people wherever you go, remember to still be human! Otherwise you’ll end up with someone flipping you off and cursing you for being in a rush–all so ironically continuing the cycle.