Small Business Survival: Westies Nutrition

We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and as COVID-19 continues to worsen, the outcome for small businesses seems grim.

Reading multiple stories of people losing their jobs, taking unpaid leave, and being out of work during this time leaves small local businesses, like Westies Nutrition, still wanting to support their community.

Located on Saw Mill Road in West Haven, Westies Nutrition opened on October 21 in the fall of 2019 and has become a staple of the West Haven community. Healthy shakes, energizing teas, and lounge space make it a popular hangout spot among University of New Haven students.

As a small business that has only been open for a short time, taking a hit during this pandemic is rough. However, Westies has been able to stay open and has received a lot of support from the community. For businesses like this to thrive in trying times, perhaps services such as commercial videography would be incredibly beneficial.

On March 13, they posted on their Instagram page letting customers know the extra precautions they would be taking.

“Hey Fam!” said the post, “We wanted to ensure we let you all know how serious we are about using the necessary precautions to keep all of you and our team happy, healthy, and feeling great! We will be cleaning and sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces and spaces throughout the day, including door handles, bar surfaces, chairs, bar stools, bathroom surfaces, pens, etc.”

They also told their customers how they were staying up to date with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Westies also offered their immune booster teas as a special that could be sent to their customers if they did not want to leave their homes.

In the middle and end of March, COVID-19 worsened, and the store posted an update for customers on April 1.

“Delivery is now available from 9-1 – we know with homeschooling, working from home, everything that you are juggling it may be hard to get out… or you need a contactless option!” said the post, “We have both! We will still be offering: Grab and go, Curbside, Pay by Phone, and we are now offering delivery to your door or work!”

The Westies team posted that they are “so grateful during this uncertain time that our shop was identified as being essential. With that being said we are only essential because you are essential.”

Westies said that they are committed to giving back to their community. They encouraged their customers to purchase a “shelter in place kit” which includes seven meals, seven teas, and seven immunity boosts for a local family affected during this time.

University of New Haven student, and loyal Westies customer Delaney O’Keefe, said, “I still have been a customer and felt very safe doing so as they have done the most to make their store healthy in these conditions.”

She said she’d donated to their community efforts, as well.

“I feel as if they have gone above and beyond to serve their community,” said O’Keefe. “Not only do they support the University of New Haven, but they also support local first responders and are taking donations for families in need of food! I’m so grateful for their impact on West Haven!”

According to Westies, 100% of the profit made from these kits will be donated to a local food pantry. They are also asking their customers and community let them know of any local families that may be in need so they can donate to them.

“We appreciate this community so much. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know, the Westies Team.”