Slumdog Millionaire Child In Sales Ring

Mia Becker

All is not glitter as gold in Hollywood. Child star Rubina Ali, a little girl that played a local child in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire, has recently been tangled up in a sales ring at the hands of her father.

Upon the film’s breakout success, all of its actors, including the children, have gained a large amount of wealth and fame all over the world, and in the film’s core location: Mumbai, India.
ali color.jpg
Various sources reported that Ali’s father, Rafiq Ali Quereshi, allegedly tried to sell his daughter for a profit of $200,000 British Pounds to help raise his other children at the expense of his daughter’s well-being. Ali’s mother, Khursheed, who left Queresh in 2001, told People Magazine, “He should be jailed for what he has done.”

Recently, the charges have been dropped, but there is still concern for Ali’s safety, and the other child stars of Slumdog Millionare. A few months ago another child star from Slumdog was hit by his father when he refused to answer a question by an interviewer. Further actions are being made by the producers and film crew of the film to help the children featured in it, give them a better quality life, and really get them out of the slums.