Sleepless in Sheffield

Samantha Higgins

Many of us looked forward to returning to campus, whether it be for our significant others who we missed during our month away, our friends, who are scattered in other states, because we were sick of our overbearing parents and siblings at home, or simply because we just like it here better. I myself just enjoy being at school and couldn’t wait to return, but my window faces the quad and, though I live with seven other people and a yappy dog back home, nothing compares to the noise that comes in my window from the quad every night.

sammi higgins bw

I will never understand why so many students on this campus can be so disrespectful to the hundreds of others who have their bedrooms facing the quad. It is not my fault that my window is facing the quad, and it is totally unnecessary for people to be walking through the quad screaming and yelling at all hours of the night. It gets even worse when someone decides to take out an airhorn. Who raised you to think that is acceptable?

During the Fall and Spring semesters it is annoying enough to be forced to listen to the music in the quad with no choice in what is playing, but I try to make it positive and be thankful that I am at a school that has activities and programs for its students. When there are complaints by students from Botwinik, Bixler or Sheffield about the music they are told, “Go to the library to study.” I understand that.

But it is now winter, and the programs have ended. Now I am trying to sleep and I am being woken up and kept awake by other, inconsiderate students running through the quad, underneath my window, screaming across the quad at each other and having no respect for all of those people who are trying to sleep. What is the advice to be given now? Should I still go to the library? Bring my pillow and just camp out so people can scream and yell?

It happens all the time; sometimes you can’t even watch a movie on a particular night because there is so much noise right outside my own bedroom. Should I still go to the library? Is that the best advice to deal with the noise?

We are all adults now and it is time to grow up and become responsible, respectable people in society, which means being considerate of those around you. There are hundreds of us who have windows facing the quad. So next time you are having a blast down in the quad late at night, I’m happy for you, but just don’t make me listen to it when I have class the next day or I’m trying to enjoy my night. There is no reason for that.