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Samantha Salvio

Forever a Classic: the Leather Jacket

From Grease’s Sandra Dee to 21st Century female icon Carrie Bradshaw, leather jackets are a timeless staple piece that have transcended decades.

A leather jacket gives edge to your outfit and transforms any simple outfit into something more chic effortlessly (Photo by Anna-Kay Irons)
A leather jacket gives edge to your outfit and transforms any simple outfit into something more chic effortlessly (Photo by Anna-Kay Irons)

The style and design for this fashion piece has transformed immensely from the classic 50s bad-a** school girl rebels towards a more chic trend.

Leather jackets can be seen in neutral tones, as well as funky and retro colors such as neon yellow and pink. A newer design to look out for is a hybrid version combining the structure of a leather jacket with elements of a flowy cardigan. Usually, made with a soft cloth or chiffon, this version of the classic gives a more feminine vibe to an outfit.

What’s wonderful about this jacket is how easy it can be to incorporate such a piece into to your personal style. No matter how you wear it, a leather jacket gives edge to your outfit and transforms any simple outfit into something more chic effortlessly, as seen in the photograph, taken by Anna-Kay Irons, where I demonstrate the classic leather-jean-don’t-care attitude.

Another reason that this fashion piece is a MUST in your closet is because it’s warm and water-proof! A solid outerwear is good to have, especially for this New England weather, and there is absolutely no reason not to look cute in the colder seasons while staying warm as well.

*Note: It is good to get a leather jacket in a size larger than your usual if you plan to wear your leather jacket in the winter and may need to layer. That extra space will give you breathing room if you decide to wear an extra sweater since leather doesn’t stretch very well.

The following outfits are three ways I would wear a leather jacket in this weather and I hope this gives you inspiration to put your own take on this classic:

1.Pop of Color- Cobalt Blue: In this outfit, make the leather jacket your focal point and play with other pieces that can accentuate the jacket. If it was a sunnier day, I would opt for minimal black strappy heels, but if it was colder, I would put on some sneaker pumps.

For bottoms, black skinnies would be my go-to; a darker-washed jeans suits the season more. I’m a fan of making one of two pieces in an outfit the shining aspects of an outfit, so a simple black top would work if you wanted to wear a scarf with this outfit.

If you’re hesitant about a black on black ensemble when you take your jacket off, feel free to pick a more ornate black top with a lace back or bat-wing sleeves to add dimension to your outfit.

The last thing I would add is a funky, large scarf, maybe even a cheetah print. Wear minimal jewelry and leave your hair either up or down.

2.Neutrals- Dark Brown: This is a more laid back outfit—one of those outfits that looks like you didn’t put effort into it but still looks good. Start with comfortable black leggings and a pair of dark brown boots. If it’s possible, buy boots a darker shade of brown than your jacket.

For the top, I suggest a knitted long-sleeve for some texture and warmth. Next, throw on a white/cream cardigan and then your leather jacket.

Not only is this outfit super warm, but the layering effect this outfit gives is on point.

3.Classic- Black: This is a New York City-inspired outfit that is fun and playful and is the most feminine. If you have a nice event to go to or just want to dress up, this outfit is a consideration.

Wear a bright-colored dress; it can have volume or can be more body-hugging. Slide on some black, opaque tights and cute Mary-Jane heels.

Then, to finish off the outfit, a classic black leather jacket.