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Samantha Salvio

Halloween costumes on a dime

The question “What are you being for Halloween?” arises every year and it is asked at least a dozen times over. For the average college student, the usual go-to is to get a costume from Amazon or magnificently create something from what you have in your closet at the last minute.

Regina George can rock any costume, and so can you (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
Regina George can rock any costume, and so can you
(Photo obtained via Pinterest)

Another dilemma that ladies might run into is not wanting to wear the same costume twice in one Halloween season. Go to a Costume Ball one day, a little dorm get-together another night and a work party later that weekend; there’s three costumes that you don’t want to pay for. Of course, you could always swap costumes with your roommates or suitemates, but it’s nice to have options, just in case you’re not a fan of their costumes and want to be more creative. Here are thre easy costumes that you can throw together quick and easy with limited materials outside your dorm room.

1.Regina George: This costume is so fetch, others will recognize your ingenuity and be jealous they didn’t think of it before you did. Grab an old tee, tank or choose one of the countless amount of UNH tees you received at this campus and get ready take some scissors to it.

I don’t necessarily think that you would need to re-create her outfit exactly from the classic film, so don’t be turned off from the costume if you don’t have a classic white tee to cut-up.

Cut out two circular holes from the tee, around the upper chest area to expose a little of your undergarments underneath the tee. For ladies that are a little more conservative, Halloween is a night where you get to be someone else so embrace it! Throw on some classic 90s-washed jeans and your costume is all set.

2.Wednesday Adams: It does not take very much to transform yourself into the daughter of the creepily acclaimed Addams Family.
Her outfit includes some staples in most ladies’ closets: a black skirt, a black collared shirt and some black loafers.

There are no alternations that need to be done with these pieces, just tuck in the shirt for a spot-on replication. If your hair allows, go ahead and arrange your hair into pigtail braids and to top the whole costume, arrive to the event with your Wednesday’s best accessory—the BRF (B*tchy Resting Face).

3.Candy Bar: Show up to any Halloween event as a sweet treat, because who doesn’t like candy?

Choose your favorite candy bar and find a tee that matches the wrapper color of that candy if you can. Take some markers, paint, or whatever crafting supplies that you have at your disposal and draw on the logo of that candy bar. Throw on some leggings and some warm booties to keep you warm throughout the chilly fall nights and enjoy how easy it was to throw together this costume.