Simply Sam’s Style

Samantha Salvio

Slip on your favorite boots and pick up a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte because it’s finally fall! This past week has given us a first taste of the colder weather, but don’t start putting away your summer favorites just yet.

Flared printed pants can be incorporated into a Fall  appropriate outfit  (Photo obtained via
Flared printed pants can be incorporated into a Fall
appropriate outfit
(Photo obtained via

Fall is my favorite season for fashion because it’s finally time to break out the comfy cozy outerwear, and I think playing around with the different layering combinations is exciting. Another reason why I love fall is because the classrooms are no longer programmed to “icebox” temperature, so I no longer have my attention on deciding if it socially acceptable to carry a blanket to class.

Back to the basics of fall fashion, the secret is purely layering. Layering with scarves to give an outfit more dimension, layering multiple cardigans to create texture, or layering socks and boots to elongate your legs. Here are some outfits that are perfect for the beginning of fall and incorporates your summer favorites too:

1. Keep it Short: Shorts can definitely still be a fall staple, especially if you prefer them to jeans. This look can be either casual, for a night out, or even business casual. For a casual dressy look, first slip on any pair of tights or stockings. Have fun with it and choose one with patterns or daring colors. After that, slip on any pair of jean shorts and a casual top. Finish it off with a slouchy blazer, or cardigan, and some oxfords. It’s a perfect afternoon outfit to stroll the shops downtown.

2. Boho is Still Fall: I have been seeing a ton of ladies on campus wearing the flared prints pants, and I wanted to create a fall outfit for those pants in particular. So if you have a pair of flared printed pants, start off with those and choose between a fitted tee or a more flowy top. If you would like to showcase your long legs, go with the flowy top, and if you would like to accentuate your whole figure the fitted tee is better. Add a long cardigan and some sandals, you have the world’s most comfortable outfit that is still fashionable.

  3. Shifts to Fall: Any summer dress that you own can be transformed so easily into a fall outfit. With any summer dress add either a jean jacket or a comfy cardigan. If you choose to go with a cardigan, add a skinny belt so your shape is not lost. If it is more than chilly add knee high socks and/or a light scarf, and finish off with some booties.