Simply Sam’s Style

Samantha Salvio

With the seasons soon changing, that only means one thing–New York Fashion Week!
That’s right it is that time again for the most coveted fashion event filled with non-stop morning-to-night shows until Sept. 17. With new changes, new designers and always surprising new looks this year’s event is more than worth checking out.

The event itself logistically has made some major changes that has shaken up the traditions of the show, but change is always good right?

The most immediate change that can be noticed is the new logo that sports a branding color scheme of blue and orange.

This is a result of the most surprising change yet; Lexus has replaced Mercedes-Benz as the official sponsor and the location of this year’s event is no longer held at the Lincoln Center.

Here are the three most anticipated labels that I am looking forward to:

1. Tanya Taylor: As the most recent winner of the Woolmark Prize that launched the careers of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for this season’s line.
This New York-based designer has said to look forward to functional dresses that can be worn everywhere, bold colors and knits to accommodate the soon-to-be chilly weather.

2. Baja East: The topic of equality has been in the spotlight more so than a few years ago leading to this designer’s motivation to create an ambisexual line for both men and women.

The foundation of all the designs is androgyny and some pieces include slouchy dresses and drop crotch denim.

3. AG Lingerie “Black Orchid” Collection: Rosalyn Griner has spearheaded the movement in answering the question, “Why can’t curvy-line girls get the same clothes their straighter-line counterparts can?”

Their show on the Sept. 15 will showcase plus-sized models and a line that is both high fashion and fitted to women with curves.