Simply Sam’s Style

Samantha Salvio

I can imagine that most of us are enjoying living away from home, but we don’t exactly love the lack of closet and storage space there is for our clothes all year round.

A scarf is a simple way to switch up any outfit. (Photo from Pinterest)
A scarf is a simple way to switch up any outfit. (Photo from Pinterest)

I have heard many students’ strategies to deal with this dilemma such as only bringing summer/fall clothes for the first semester and then switching out clothes during Winter Break for the season changes, bringing extra storage bins and propping their bed higher, and not bringing that many clothes to begin with.

One of the common misconceptions of fashion is that in order to remain “stylish,” an endless wardrobe is required, similar to the massive bedroom-sized closets that one can see featured in movies. While it is almost every girl’s dream to own a closet of that grandeur, it most likely isn’t realistic in our current stage of life.

My biggest secret to shopping only a couple times a year and never wearing the same outfit twice is reusing and mix-and-matching.

Every piece of clothing that is present in my closet now are pieces that are worn multiple times a year in different combinations that provide a multitude of outfits that project every fashion trend.

One of my favorite accessories that transcend in so many different ways is a simple scarf. It is cheap, comes in every design possible for every individual’s style and can be worn all four seasons.

Here are multiple outfits with the same scarf accessory as the fashion spotlight:

1. Boho Chic: As previously mentioned, a lot of trends are leaning more towards comfort than tight high fashion. Boho Chic is one of those trends that are perfect for the end of summer and fall.

With your choice of a dress or even a simple tee and shorts outfit with a kimono, you can use the scarf as a makeshift headband. It gives an outfit more dimension and keeps your hair out of your face during those hot and humid days.

My preference would be a light chambray shirtdress, tall gladiator sandals, a tropical scarf and leather or beaded accessories.

2. Kimono-esque: These days, even wearing a traditional kimono-type cardigan is a hassle during these summer days.

One solution is to use a scarf and belt in order to create a kimono-esque feel in the front and leave your back with one less layer of fabric.

I would recommend a pair of cut-off jeans or khakis, a simple tank, the scarf and a skinny leather braided belt to keep the kimono in place and accentuate your natural curves.

3. Business Casual: If you’re not a fan of the traditional business casual look or just sick of wearing the same pieces you have for business casual all the time, a scarf is a cheap alternative to use in order to switch things up.

With a simple shift dress or even a button-down, take the scarf and cross wrap it around your waist from front to back, bringing the end to its original spot to tie in front of you (if you choose to wear a button-down, you may want to also wear spandex underneath).

Add some dressy flats or heels and the look is complete.

4. Simple Accessory: Tie your scarf around your handbag handle and create a simple highlight to your outfit that can also provide an extra layer of warmth in the freezing lecture halls.