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Samantha Salvio

Skinny jeans are no longer in. This may be heartbreaking to our nostalgic Justin Bieber-loving middle school self, but all trends come and go, and this trend has had plenty of time in the fashion spotlight.

Harem pants and boyfriend jeans are staples in the “Normcore” fashion trend (Photos obtained via Pinterest)
Harem pants and boyfriend jeans are staples in the “Normcore” fashion trend
(Photos obtained via Pinterest)

It is now safe to say that the trend has retired. Skinny jeans are not worth the morning exercise routine to squeeze into nor do you have to come up with imaginative reasons as to how “cool” the indents these pants leave on your legs are when you change.
Fashion this summer has made way for a new, more comfortable trend that correlates well to the “Dad Body” movement that has also recently been in the media: Normcore.
This new unisex movement is a combination of the words normal and hardcore to introduce that dressing “normal” in classics is the new chic or “hardcore” way of dressing.
From the originators of the word normcore, Emily Segal from K-Hole commented, “it’s welcoming the possibility of being recognizable” and “seeing an opportunity for connection.”
In short, the message that precedes this type of fashion is that, instead of finding countless ways to make your outfits stand out above others, dressing in clothing items that a majority of people own or recognize gives more mass appeal.
Most noticeable in Brooklyn, N.Y., Australia, and Korea, the clothing items for this trend can be best described as comfy basics: harem pants or sweats, classic monotone tees and open-toed sandals.
Here are two normcore outfits that both men and women can most likely pull together from items you already have in your closet!

1. Boyfriend Jeans
Ladies, throw on your favorite pair of baggy boyfriend jeans of any style: classic, acid-wash, or distressed. Next grab an oversized monochrome tee, or any basic tee that is one size larger than you would usually wear. Tuck the front of the large tee into the front of your jeans, and grabs some Keds or slip-ons. Done.
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2. Khaki Harems
Alright gentleman, harems are just as comfy as your oversized sweatpants from Champs, but show off more of your assets than hiding them under a large amount of fabric. With these bottoms, throw on a classic Hanes white tee, some shades and Polo-styled shoes. Easy.

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