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Samantha Salvio

Coachella fashion 2015

Fashion trends popular with Coachella music festival goers  (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
Fashion trends popular with Coachella music festival goers
(Photo obtained via Pinterest)

Music. The Desert. The craziest fashion that can be seen in a public setting. These three things sum up what Coachella is.

Coachella is a music festival held over two weekends in the heart of California’s Inland Empire of the Colorado Desert in Indio. This event is known for some great live music and getting weird but its main highlight is the fashion trends. More recently, all the hype of this festival is how people come dressed in hella odd clothing pieces (excuse my Californian lingo). Some outfits that still come to my mind are a Pikachu crop top and spandex pair and a unicorn onesie. Celebrities tend to stay on the high fashion side of the spectrum and take street style to a different level.

Here are the top three trends of this year’s Coachella 2015 trends—dare to try them!

1. Denim: I have no idea why someone would want to wear a denim outfit to an event in the middle of the desert, surrounded by thousands of other people, under the blazing hot California sun and in the middle of a draught, but that’s beside the point. Celebrities and fellow concert-goers were representing this heavy fabric nonetheless. This outfit ranged from conservative looks to the more risqué side. For a more daily attire, a denim shift was seen often alone and with minimal Western accessories. If you’re feeling daring, one piece to look into is a denim crop top bandeau with leather spandex bottoms. Optimize this look with braided corn rolls and silver accessories such as a temporary bull rings and ear cuffs.

2. St. Laurent Stars: This is an accessory trend that has made a shining into the fashion over these two weekends. They remind me of Dr. Seuss’s Star Belly Sneetches, except to get these stars, it will probably run you a few thousand dollars. Using a metallic silver base for the shoe line, it is covered with coral stars all over. The shoe line ranged from classic sneaker to knee-length lace up boots. This look can be used to brighten up a casual jeans and sweater look for class or the boots design will go with a disco-themed event that you may have planned.

3. Deep cut swimwear: Maybe this is just a California look, but I have never seen anyone on the East Coast wear a bathing suit as their outfit to a shopping mall. Living a good half hour from the nearest beach, there were kids and adults that would wear swimwear into a sit-down restaurant or to go shopping at Target, so this trend doesn’t surprise me by extending into Coachella as well. Wear a deep-cut swimsuit with a pair of shorts and call it a day or be a little more elegant and wear a cover or sheath on top.