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Samantha Salvio

Dress for Success

The professional-looking pantsuit (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
The professional-looking pantsuit (Photo obtained via Pinterest)

Next in the Professional Series is one step up from business casual—business formal. The last couple of weeks have been all the need-to-knows for business casual in the world of college interviews. Now that those bases have been covered, it’s time to take a step beyond college-based interviews and into those post-grad “big girl” jobs. The “lazy” approach to business casual does not translate into formal business attire so the mindset has to change a bit. To put things into perspective: bigger and better things deserves more effort and time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when landing that monumental post-grad interview (please keep in mind these tips are directed towards the corporate environment):


  1. Loud and Bright Colors are a No: Walking in with an all red suit into a first interview is usually not received well by most interviewers—too big of a power move. For the main colors of your ensemble, stick to dark, neutral tones (black, gray, navy). Making these tones your primary color will create the perception you are well-prepared and serious about the perspective job. You are more than welcome to accessorize with a brighter color for a belt of statement necklace for a pop, and to avoid a mundane 1-D outfit.
  2. My Highest Recommendation-The Pant Suit: Showing a little leg in most corporate settings does not get you very far. Although what seems to be highly respected and much more popular again are clean, tailored slacks to an interview. This is the way to go for a more subtle power move that isn’t as auspicious as wearing all red everything to an interview. Especially for women, slacks are more associated with being more masculine, so a female take on the predisposition is great in turning the tides with the century where more women are achieving higher level executive positions within the corporate world.
  3. Accessories-Less is More: The time to put on an accessory fashion show is not during an interview. The minimalistic approach to these events are key—stick to a clean, slick look that isn’t overdone. Do not slap on makeup for days as is you were going to prom; just highlight your natural features. This one is painful to write, but you need to stick to the low-medium heels. Can you imagine falling into your interviewer’s office because you were wearing stripper heels? Hopefully that will dissuade you from that idea.


Good luck!