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Samantha Salvio

Business Casual for Him

Business casual dark jeans dressed up with a blazer and button up (Photo obtained via Pinterest from
Business casual dark jeans dressed up with a blazer and button up
(Photo obtained via Pinterest from

In conjunction with last week’s article, this week I wanted to touch upon men’s business casual tips. For the most part, the concepts are very similar to each other, but if women’s business casual is the “lazy” version of business attire, men’s business casual is a lazier but equally appropriate interpretation of formal business.

The biggest difference with men’s business casual is the acceptance of jeans in this category. Ripped and light-wash jeans are obviously not appropriate, but nice dark-washed jeans and a suit jacket or blazer is an attractive look for men. My tip if you want to wear jeans to a business casual affair, wear a tie. Without the tie, the outfit becomes too “every day.” In addition with this tip, here are three outfits for any business casual dress coded event:

  1. Jeans: Pair a dark-wash jean, with no rips, and a lighter colored button down. Go ahead and even throw on a patterned button-down if you’re feeling adventurous. I would stay away from the plaid shirts with jeans, or else it would lose the business qualities to your attire. With a grey suit jacket or blazer, finish the outfit with a darker tie, then the button-down and loafers or dress shoes.
  2. Khakis: I personally favor men in khakis more than I do women, and there is a lot you can do with this material bottoms for men’s business casual. With a classic pair of khakis, opt for a darker colored, monotone or a minimal patterned button-down, and brown or black dress shoes. You can opt for or without a tie, and if it’s cold grab a warm quarter-zip. With this minimalistic look, a sleek and polished attire is achieved.
  3. Dressy business casual: Basically this look is business attire albeit a few key things. With suit pants and a button-down of your choice, wear dress shoes and you’re done. No tie or jacket required.