Simply Sam’s Style

Samantha Salvio

Winter Must-Have Accessories for 2015


  1. Warren Beanie: Guys need to keep their ears warm too and these beanies are the way to do it without having to buy the cutesy ones with poms poms on top. These beanies are less structured and tend to droop in the back to give off the artsy English major feel of the rugged city boy look. The latter being perfect for most of the men growing out their facial hair right now. It’s easy to wear the same color from head to toe but try to switch things up a little bit by choosing pieces that are different shades of that one color. Navy blue or black khakis—bottoms should always be darker. Lighter gray sweater and a darker gray coat with a heather gray colored warren beanie would be a perfect look.


  1. Short Trench Coat: Personally one of my favorite pieces for men this season because the structure of the coat presents a masculine feel to a simple outfit. With this one piece you can achieve warmth and character to an outfit because most designers have added an extra layer to the coat, sectioning and other little details to make the coat stand out more. Throw this on your basic tee and jeans outfit, maybe add a scarf if you’re willing and boots and you can achieve a great look with little effort.


  1. High Cap Toe Boots: I know Northeast men are extremely partial to their jeans and Tims look for the whole season, but that’s a style that is outdated and needs some upgrading. Cap toes give off a similar feel but have a less robust structure and more detail to the boot itself. The high rise of the boot gives you an added inch or protection from the winter and can keep your jeans from getting wet in the snow. The cap toes give a rustic feel to an outfit and can transcend into most men’s styles.
The perfect plaid scarf (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
The perfect plaid scarf (Photo obtained via Pinterest)


  1. Pom Beanie: Based on the way you coordinate your outfit with this accessory, your look of the day can be either cute or chic. In order to achieve the chic look, I recommend a simple, monotone pom beanie without the strings coming down at the ends. Pair this with a sleek shirt and pant base of a dark mono-toned scheme: black shirt, black pants or navy blue shirt and black leggings. The next layer of clothing is where you can get your color and individuality. Depending on the weather, throw on a lighter colored pea coat or patterned winter jacket to keep you warm. Throw on some gloves and an oversized scarf to keep your throat warm and lengthen your lower body.


  1. Plaid scarf: This may be a great investment for the continuing cold weather. It can get a little discouraging trying to look cute during the cold months when you have to bundle up in a poofy winter jacket most of the time, but this simple, patterned accessory can make all the difference by adding warmth and some character to your daily outfit. Most winter overcoats are generic and mono-toned and the reason most people only have a select portion of their closet for winter clothes. Whatever your daily go-to items are, top it off with this scarf to add some color and pop.


  1. Medium Floppy Hat: When there’s not a blizzard in Connecticut, it’s great to have an accessory to shield your eyes from the blinding reflection of the sun hitting the snow. Floppy hats made by  this trucker cap wholesaler is usually referenced to a summer lookbook, but a winter floppy hat is more reserved and more structured to keep it trendy during this time of the year. If it’s sunny out, opt for a lighter jacket like a long moto, trench coat or heavy cardigan. You can also keep your outfit basic colors and add a colored floppy hat. If you favor patterns and more color to the body of your outfit, add a simple, dark monotone floppy hat.