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Samantha Salvio

Holiday Couple Looks

A coordinated couple (Photo by Glamour UK)
A coordinated couple (Photo by Glamour UK)

While it’s easy to get hung up on the upcoming finals week and the end of the semester, let’s not forget the wonderful string of holidays that are awaiting us as well! With great company as people travel home and even greater food ready to be devoured, some students have announced to their families that they are bringing a plus one to the festivities. Whether the families expected it and this significant other is already integrated into the family or you’re introducing them to the family for the first time, why not opt for a couple look together?

It’s a nice throwback to the moms that always bought you and your siblings matching footy pajamas for Christmas but in a much more fashionable sense because you both choose the outfit. With everything happening in a rush and there are other things to worry about besides having your significant other asking you what to wear, just tell them to match your outfit and call it a day. There are ways to take the same foundational pieces of an outfit and tailor it to both you and your significant other. It’s a safe option when you’re worried what you’re supposed to wear or what is to be expected to wear at these gatherings.

This option is more appealing to the cheesier couples on campus but it’s the holiday season! If there was a designated time during the calendar year to be cheesy it would be from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. It’s a time when you’re surrounded by family you don’t get to see very often and be crazy, and they may already have their own cheesy traditions.

Here are two couple looks for the holiday season for you all to try:

1. Same Pattern, Different Looks: Plaid—who can’t pull out a plaid shirt out of their closet right now? It’s a fall/winter staple and comes in all different colored patterns. Most people are bound to have a variety of colors in their closet so start out with the color scheme of the plaid shirt with your significant other. They don’t have to be in the same exact shirt, just the same colors represented in it. To get over the more casual sense of this look, grab a warm knit sweater to go over it, it adds depth and a little more formal-ness. You can have the same color, but if you’re not about the cheesy level of it, then just opt for the same designed sweater. For the women, wear a nice pair of khaki or black skinnies and throw on your favorite booties. Add some more feminine touches with an oversized knitted scarf, a simple crossbody bag and some cute earrings. For the men, finish off the look with some nice khakis, nice leather sneakers and a thinner scarf to keep your neck warm.

2. Same Item, Different Styling: Pea Coat—Most likely this cold weather staple is also in both of your closets because it’s popular for both sexes. For the women: Pick out your favorite holiday dinner dress and some-colored stockings underneath. If you are travelling outside, double up on the stockings and/or wear matching knee-high socks on top. Choose loafers or heels, whatever your preference and minimal accessories.

For the men: Grab a nice pair of khakis or dress pants, however formal you want and a button-down shirt. It can be monochrome or have a pattern to it. With a monochrome shirt, you may want to add a sweater or cardigan for some warmth and depth underneath your pea coat. My recommended shoe for this outfit is an ankle-styled shoe with wool fabric. It’s clean and the wool resonates well with the season.