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Samantha Salvio

The Understated Trench Coat

Before moving out to New England, I don’t believe I had ever seen someone in a trench coat. I could be completely incorrect in stating it’s more of an east coast staple, but during the winter time in SoCal, the way to bundle up for the cold weather is a single sweater or a jacket. Their winter staples are more laid back and limited, because the temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees. So, I’ve only fallen in love with this style of outerwear recently, since moving to Connecticut.

Samantha Salvio is photographed by Madelynn Bonfiglio, wearing her black understated trench coat.
Samantha Salvio is photographed by Madelynn Bonfiglio, wearing her black understated trench coat.

When thinking of trench coats, I immediately picture the live streets of New York City. This outerwear has a very elegant appeal and evokes a sense of confidence, from my observations. Most trench coats are made for winter; they are constructed with a thick fabric to help withstand the rushing winds, and most of them also have fleece linings to keep you warm and snug without adding a hundred layers to stay warm during this time of year.

Even when a trench coat alone is not sufficient for keeping you warm, especially when it starts to snow, it’s easy to layer under these coats without looking like an Oompa Loompa. Due to its free-flowing shape, a trench coat allows you to layer without stretching the fabric and bunching up the layers. Tie-wraps is another asset to trench coats—you can button-up and still maintain a figure.

The traditional trench coat is designed to accentuate your figure by showing off your curves like an hourglass. Now that our society is more progressive into highlighting other body types, recent designs accommodate for a variety of people. If you have more of an athletic and boyish figure, a cinched trench or a trench that already has some body to it will give you more of a shape and curve. If you have a curvier figure and want to tone down the hips, you can find a trench coat in a cardigan style that has straight lines and less fabric.

Most trench coats are sold in neutral colors, so here are three ways to style a trench coat:

1.Casual: This outfit is effortless, comfy and warm. Roll out of bed five minutes before class, reach for some jeans, but then throw them back into your closet because you know leggings are more comfortable. Grab any basic tee, match it with a cardigan and grab your trench coat, especially if you pass through the Soundview wind tunnel. Finish the outfit off with some classic converse sneakers, a messy bun, and a notebook—of course.

2.Street Style: This outfit plays with neutral colors for a chic outfit worthy of a shopping trip to the city or exploring downtown. Use a black and white striped tee for a base with your favorite black skinnies (another favorite winter staple of mine). Add your trench coat and some light brown booties to incorporate all of the neutral colors. Then top it off with a black knit beanie and some matching gloves.

3.Business: Perfect for job interview in the winter; slip on black opaque tights and coordinate your favorite business professional outfit. My go-to is a chiffon blouse and a black silk skirt. Finally, throw on a trench for some extra warmth and dimension to your outfit.