SigSuit Success

Jenn Harrington

The brothers of Sigma Chi hosted a successful SigSuit Competition in UNH’s German Club with fundraising efforts totaling $2,900, doubling last year’s total of $1,200. All money raised went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Sigma Chi’s national philanthropy.

The event was long awaited, as proved by the eager students who formed a line as early as 8:15 p.m. in the cold and rain waiting for the doors to open at 9 p.m.

Sixteen contestants participated in rounds consisting of formal wear, animal outfit, costume and bathing suit, where they were asked a question for points. First place went to ‘Sig Girl,’ Catherine Esposito, who won a gift card to Victoria’s Secret.

Second place was Kristen McMullen, winning a flat screen TV. Third place went to Sarah Alley who won a spa gift card. A special thanks from the brothers of Sigma Chi to all of the “lovely ladies” who competed.

Seniors Billy Sheehan and James Zap provided witty commentary during the show as contestants took the stage. Sheehan, in charge of this year’s event, said, “The greatest success of this event is always the contestants because they are the ones raising the money and they are the event’s backbone.”

He was helped by his assistant chair, sophomore Seamus Andolsek, an event committee, and the rest of their chapter.

Sheehan also commented that attendance from this year proved that SigSuit has grown too big for the German Club. Seats filled fast and after the German Club reached capacity, students continued to stand outside in the rain, hoping to catch a glimpse of the show through the front door.

The President of Sigma Chi, Kevin Boettger, made an announcement during the event asking brothers inside to take the place of those waiting outside. It was a gesture greatly appreciated.

Sophomore Sasha Carmona was one of the students standing outside. “It was very nice of them. They were gentleman.” She was excited to see several of her friends competing in SigSuit.

SigSuit, held annually, was developed by the chapter’s founding members as a unique way to raise money for cancer research. Students who attended were given tickets upon signing in and door prizes were raffled off to lucky winners.