Shout Out to the Office of Residential Life

Heather Brown

Every year room selection is, to say the least, interesting. This year, I have to give the Office of Residential Life staff credit. They went from pushing for an online room registration system to having to scrap it because of the changes to the housing policies.

Now granted, I am a senior and don’t have to worry at all about finding a room for next year, but as a silent observer of the process I am extremely impressed with how far ORL has gone to find a place for everyone.

I am also impressed with the fact that the transition back to a meeting style form of registration was seamless to anyone who was there. Students were orderly and seemed to understand that the ORL staff was doing the best they could to make them happy when where they were living.

Now I am not saying that the changes to the housing policies were done in the correct way, but I think that ORL has done the best with what it has and they continue to work to get everyone a place to live for next year.

Can I say that I would be happy with the situation if I had to live it? Not at all. What I am saying though is that students should take a moment and recognize the efforts being made on their behalf. Many schools would not take the time to find you a roommate or to help you locate apartment buildings in the area. They would just say you were out of luck.

Students here at the University of New Haven are extremely lucky. We have administration that meets with us when we as students voice that it’s necessary. We have so many offices geared toward helping us succeed and making us happy to be a UNH student. We have amazing events every day to keep us occupied.

This time, we should all take a moment and realize how lucky we are to have the ORL staff we have. I would like to thank them all for working hard every day to make sure I have had a room on or near campus each year I have been a UNH student. THANKS ORL!