Sheriff Clarke Continues Tirade Against UNH


The Charger Bulletin

Sheriff David Clarke is continuing his attacks on the University of New Haven administration a week after it was revealed that he had been disinvited to speak at the 25th Annual Markle Symposium.

Clarke released his first article on October 5, accusing UNH of rescinding his invitation based on his opinions of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since Wednesday, Clarke, a busy Sheriff from Milwaukee, has released 7 additional blog posts, calling out the University for lying, stifling viewpoints, not being diverse and not having a sense of order.

According to, UNH is the fourth most diverse school in the state of Connecticut.

Also, the theme of last year’s Markle Symposium was police involved shootings, and included the prosecutor for the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson.

In his most recent post, Clarke attacks President Kaplan over his response to the situation. He calls out the president over his reasoning for the differences in statements released by the University.

“With lie after lie, Kaplan keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper. My only response is to throw the dirt back in and make him struggle to dig it out again,” he wrote.

Clarke also takes issue the facts that he would be too “politically polarizing” to come to campus.

“Now that my intimidating conservative viewpoint is no longer threatening the safe spaces of these progressive pansies, the liberal utopia of UNH, having been freed from opposing ideas, can return to business as usual,” he carefully penned.

Clarke was pressured on his generalizations of institutes of higher education, calling them some form of a liberal safe haven in every one of his blog posts.

“Colleges and universities nowadays have become laboratories for liberal and progressive indoctrination,” he said to the Charger Bulletin on Thursday.

However, when making such attacks against UNH, Clarke has no prior knowledge of the University or how it operates.

“Up until this thing happened, I didn’t know the University of New Haven even existed,” he added.

Clarke also mentioned in conversation how he isn’t really affected by a rescinded offer to speak, although it may be disappointing.

“I get enough speaking opportunities to share my views that if someone wants to disinvite me, I’m not wounded by it at all,” he said.

Clarke mentioned also that he wants to be able to have discussion about opposing viewpoints and that he is only “one school of thought.”

Sheriff Clarke has also denied the allegation that he used this opportunity as a publicity stunt to promote his new book.

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