Shawn’s Hotties of the Week!

Shawn Tremblay

The Gal:

Krystal Pelaez

This week's gal Hottie - Krystal Pelaez

Major: Music Industry, Communication
Year: Sophomore (2012)
Involvement: 5678 Dance Team, USGA, RA New Hire, MISSter UNH planning committee
Hometown: New Jersey
Why is she this week’s hottie?
Krystal is definitely one of a kind. Her sense of humor, combined with her charismatic ways, makes her the one person that everyone must get to know! Krystal is a huge help to her friends and she is always looking out for the people she cares about, as well as showing the university in a positive light. Thank you so much, Krystal!

The Guy:

Nicholas Shirley

This week's guy hottie - Nicholas Shirley

Major: Forensic Science, Biology
Year: Sophomore (2012)
Involvement: SCOPE, Resident Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions student employee
Hometown: Lebonan, CT
Why is he this week’s Hottie?
Nick is always helping others with their issues by listening and offering advice. To Nick, no person is insignificant. He takes the time to get to know new people and is sure to make time for existing friends. Nick is always contributing positively to UNH in everything that he does. Thanks Nick!

This week’s gal Hottie – Krystal PelaezThe