Shawn’s Hotties of the Week

Shawn Tremblay

The Gal:

Melissa Dallman, this week's Gal Hottie of the Week!

Melissa Dallman
Major: Psychology
Year: Freshman
Involvement:  Phi Sigma Sigma (New Member)
Hometown: Burlington, NJ
Why is she this weeks hottie?
Melissa is this weeks hottie because of her great ability to listen and be there if you ever have a problem. She is funny, caring, and a genuine person all around. She also loves socks (or so someone told me)!

The Guy:

Jimmy Kaz, this week's Guy Hottie of the Week!

Jimmy Kaz
Major: Fire Science
Year: Freshman
Involvement: Rec Sports, Zumba instructor
Hometown: Glendale, NY
Why is he this week’s Hottie?
Jimmy is this weeks male hottie because of his ability to always make people smile. He is definitely a genuine and sincere person. When he is working his Zumba classes, he always makes you feel in control and makes the class enjoyable for everyone! Thanks Jimmy 🙂