Senator Spotlight

The Charger Bulletin

Name: Margaret Girard

Senator since: Spring 2008

Major and YOG: Criminal Justice–Investigative Services, May 2009

Why did you become a USGA Senator?: I wanted to be a voice for the student body as well as act as a liaison between USGA and the student body.

What have you done so far as a Senator?: I have been working as Sports Committee Head towards Spirit Week Events.

What would you like seen done at USGA or UNH?: One of my goals is to make sure an Arabic tutor is brought back to the CLR. Due to budget cuts, Arabic tutors were cut, which is negatively impacting many students.

Is there anything you would like to tell the student body?: I am a very easy person to approach , so please feel free to contact me or stop me on campus with any questions or concerns.

How can students get in touch with you?: You can email me at [email protected] or look me up on Facebook!