Self-Care Fair promotes campus wellness

The semester’s first Self-Care Fair, a collaboration between the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) and the university’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), was held Wednesday.

When students arrived, they were greeted for check-ins by USGA staff, such as Nox Garner, a freshman forensic science major and USGA senator for students with disabilities and mental health.

Garner said, “We have bags and fidget [toys]… self-care kits, as well as facts and information about self-care and how students can take care of themselves.”

After check-in, students could fill their kits with items such as slime jars, journals, bubbles and more. There were also pamphlets and papers spread about the tables including campus resources such as CAPS and the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC). Other pamphlets covered tips for caring for yourself mentally and physically, and for calming yourself.

Speaking about the items being given away, Albi Beshi, a clinician from CAPS, said, “Little things like that can help people to number one: focus. It is helpful to have something in your hands for some people. It can be helpful to ground people.”

Beshi said such events are necessary because “it’s important to have open conversations like this about it and share things that work for us that might work for other people. [Because] self-care looks different for every person.”

Students could learn about Community Wellness Advocates, or student employees who lead group sessions from CAPS, along with leading other events.

“Part of their role is, in a way, to advertise CAPS and kind of be that first line of defense for students if they don’t feel comfortable approaching a clinician or a professor,” said Beshi. Instead, students “may feel more comfortable approaching a peer, a fellow student, who can help them get connected with us.”

CAPS will be hosting another self-care event soon, entitled “How to Have a Balanced Lifestyle,” a peer-led support group where they share thoughts on the topic. The talks take place every Thursday, excluding Thanksgiving, from 4-5 p.m. in Westside Hall, room 112.
To keep up with USGA and CAPS’s respective events,check their Charger Connection pages. You can also go to their Instagram pages as well, at @usga_newhaven and @unewhavencaps.