Second RSO President’s Roundtable; Closing the Communication Gap

Jenn Harrington

A second session of Recognized Student Organization President’s Roundtable was held last Friday morning in the Alumni Lounge before the weekly USGA meeting. Roundtable meetings give RSO Presidents the opportunity to meet with Greg Overend, Director of Student Activities, and Zani Imetovski, USGA President.

Updates on previously discussed topics were brought forward by Overend at the start of the meeting. The BSAC computers will be made available for RSO use only; the Office of Student Activities is working with Prism to add a scanner and update all copy codes to the new codes provided by OSA. Adjustments that were asked for at the last meeting are in the works.

Event Management Systems is also working to make table requests less than two weeks. This requires a separate template to be created, and Sharon Aceto, in Facilities, has been in contact with EMS Headquarters to see if this is a possibility.

New concerns were expressed at the meeting as well. The shuttle that previously ran to Union Station was suspended with the opening of West Haven Train Station. Students feel this was a bad move on the university’s part as the West Haven Station does not offer access to Amtrak or the charter bus companies. Students requested, through their President’s, that the shuttle service be reinstated to Union Station as well.

Several clubs asked about more effective ways to publicize their events. Facebook has been a popular move by many RSO’s. Overend offered the opportunity to write on the windows of Bartels which can be reserved through Andrew Mayer in OSA. Another publicity opportunity was installed in all Residence Halls by OSA. RSO’s have special boards reserved for posting flyers for respective events.

There are many updates being worked on with the university and student organization policy. The Social Event Policy has not been updated in seven years and Overend and OSA are revisiting the policy to make it efficient for modern university operations.

If any student has concerns regarding current policies and their effectiveness they can visit OSA and USGA to work on providing a solution.

OSA is working hard this semester to eliminate lack of communication and understanding between policies and students by reaching out to Presidents and having them serve as gatekeepers to the larger school population. With old policies being enforced and new policies being released, it is imperative that all students are aware of how the university is running to avoid conflict or confusion.

Students on campus who hold leadership positions and serve in liaison roles appreciate the effort of administration to hear the student body and what their needs are for positive growth. Being part of a campus organization is imperative as a student, as it is the place to put your classroom skills to work. Experiential education can be experienced first-hand serving in leadership roles among various student-run organizations.

Presidents are highly encouraged to attend President’s Roundtable. Check your organization accounts for upcoming dates.