Scouts Learn About Sex

Melanie Rovinsky

LONDON–The Scouts, a UK-founded youth group that practices “learning by doing,” has developed a new movement to inform its teenage members about the realities of sex.

The Scouting Organization aims to promote the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the individual (usually through outdoor activities), and their new focus will only reinforce those ideals. Their new program, whose motto is “Be prepared,” will not only persuade adolescents from having sex, but it will also acknowledge that many teenagers have already engaged in intercourse.

The organization’s goal is for Scout leaders to be able to provide youngsters with practical advice and support in regards to sex. The leaders will even be permitted to distribute condoms and to arrange visits to a sexual health clinic, if they feel an individual is about to begin having, or is already having sex.

Dr. Karla Bee, one of the individuals who helped draft the program’s guidelines, claimed that the Scout Association was correct in making this information available for adolescents.
“There is much more to do to ensure young people have the knowledge they need to prevent early pregnancy and look after their sexual health,” she claimed.

Britain has the highest teenage birth rate in all of Western Europe, with most individuals becoming sexually active at age 16. The Scouts plan to deal with the current issue today, as well as take preventative measures to make the problem of early, unsafe sex obsolete in the future.