SCOPE: This Committee is Certainly Committed

Zack Rosen

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The Student Committee of Programming Events,  which we all know as SCOPE, plans events every single week from August through May, only stopping for a quick winter break. If it weren’t for their 14 committee heads overseeing technology, weekends, and much more, the 2 SCOPE co-chairs would be lost. And as those committee heads receive a well-deserved praise every-so-often, the 2 co-chairs don’t hear “thanks” quite as much. But first, let’s hear a little tale about how the spring concert was planned this year!

Glenn and Lindsay - SCOPE Co-Chairs

Ahh, good ole Lindsay “Linda” Lynch and Glenn “Glenn” Altshuler. Ever since September, they have been planning the long-awaited May spring concert and spring carnival. A poll was put up on, asking for student votes on who they would like to see attend spring concert. Many choices were listed on this poll from Lady Gaga to the Zac Brown Band.

While some of the acts listed were not acts that could legitimately come to campus, they gave the co-chairs an idea of what kind of music students were looking for.

The next step connected Glenn and Lindsay (Lindsay is the less-hairy one) with an intermediate booking agent who helps represent UNH when dealing with potential acts.

At the same time, a second poll was sent out — this time in the form of a survey. It allowed SCOPE to identify bands that would fit within their $235,000 spring weekend budget.

Additionally, it helped to identify the kind of genres that people prefered the most. With approximately 1,000 students completing this survey, SCOPE was able to pick the bands that would be a part of the 2010 spring concert.

But it’s not that easy; even after bands are, at first, considered, changes in the music industry can drastically change artist availability. Sean Kingston, one of the acts that SCOPE was bidding for, was outbid by Disney. Oh well! Maybe next time, shawty, fire won’t be burnin’ on the dancefloor.

So, with alternative/pop as the biggest preference on the survey, SCOPE couldn’t pass on the headling band. From the nominations received from students, the top two results were too expensive and didn’t perform for college shows. However, the third most popular nomination was possible. And thus 3OH!3 became the headlining band!

Glenn and Lindsay have done quite a bit, and most of the plans are in place. From staging to lighting, sound, and other necessities for a show, many details are finished. The concert alone costs $130,000, so expect a fantastic show this year — not to even mention the $77,000 spring carnival and $25,000 spring weekend comedian.

If you’re interested in volunteering for spring concert, please email SCOPE at

And be sure to thank Glenn and Lindsay. The amount of work they do, the endless hours they put in, and the dedication they give to the entire student body is beyond worth commending. From all of us, thank you Glenn and Lindsay! We wouldn’t have some amazing events on campus if it weren’t for you and the hard work that you put in daily.

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SCOPE: This Committee is Certainly Committed