SCOPE Presents “I Love Female Orgasm”

Patricia Oprea

Walking around campus the beginning of last semester, there would be a common trend in T-shirts. Noticing them more often than Greek letters, many students (particularly freshmen) were intrigued as to what the “I Love Female Orgasm” tops referred to.

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, many of these students finally had the chance to get their own shirt and find out what it was all about. SCOPE invited two experts, Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, to present to eager students interested in the science behind sex.

For some, the female orgasm seems to be just a myth, an idea just as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. Others have heard the complete opposite; “It’s supposed to be even stronger and better than the male orgasm,” one girl said to her friend in passing. If this orgasm is distinguished from the males’, (there is no certain phrase “male orgasm”), there must be something more special about it.

Either way, whether people were believers or not, the “I Love Female Orgasm” sex lecture was packed with students eager to find out more about this fairly taboo topic.

Individuals began to line up outside the alumni lounge around 7 p.m., the event starting only at 8:30 p.m. When the doors opened, dozens of students pushed through, frantic for a free T-shirt. Some were actually turned away; two fire marshals stopped by and had to kick out anyone standing or trying to share a seat with a friend. Upperclassmen came early to the event, knowing from last year how popular the lecture was and how eager student were for the shirts…after all, who would turn down apparel that says “I Love Female Orgasm”?

Understandably, the majority of students were female, but there was also a fairly large amount of males who were just as enthusiastic as the girls to learn more about the fabled female orgasm. Some students were actually bouncing in their seats, one girl chattering about how much she looked forward to “putting these tips to good use tonight.”

The educators began with sharing their own stories about getting interested in the science of sex, and how it began from a young age. Both were fueled by a desire to educate students in an interactive and informative way that can get put to good use (as opposed to the topics learned in middle school health class). The program tastefully blended sex education with a stand-up comedy routine.

Around the halfway point of the program, the students were all split up; anyone who identified as female stayed with Kate and anyone who identified as male went with Marshall. Females shared what they heard about sexual acts at a young age, what they had heard about the female orgasm, and suggestions to achieve a successful orgasm. Meanwhile the guys were discussing what they had heard about the female orgasm, and experiences too.

Afterwards, both groups were brought together for closing tips on successful sex, including how to strengthen your orgasms, finding the “g-spot,” and even having multiple orgasms. Squeezing your bladder in the middle of going to the bathroom to stop flow helps to strengthen certain muscles that are used in sex, thereby strengthening orgasms, advised Marshall.

The lecture was an hour and a half worth of facts, movie clips, sharing of stories, and many (many) bursts of laughter. If you missed out on one of SCOPE’s most popular events, make sure to line up early next February and get yourself the classic T-shirt that makes all the incoming freshmen very curious.