SCOPE Movie of the Week: Young Adult

Michelle R Morra

It’s not the end of the year yet, so SCOPE is still showing movies every week. This past week’s movie had everyone laughing.  On Tuesday and Friday in the Bartels Cafeteria, the SCOPE Film Committee showed Young Adult, to bring some smiles back to campus.

The movie had a great story line with a great cast.  Mavis Gary, played by Charlize Theron, has decided to move back to her home town in Minnesota after her divorce and her writing career downfall.  After being the high school “It Girl,” Gary thought that returning home would be a good boost to her self-esteem.  She is disappointed when she finds out that her former sweetheart, who she wants back, Buddy Slade, played by Patrick Wilson, is now, unfortunately to the surprise of Mavis Gary, married with a child.  This doesn’t discourage Gary, and she decides to go after what she wants anyways.

Of course, when going on a journey such as this, someone always needs a friend.  So along the way, Gary forms a bond with Matt Freehauf, played by Patton Oswalt. Freehauf is one of Gary’s former classmates, just not the from the jock table.

When you put all this together, you get a hilarious movie that is made even better when you add in popcorn.  Now there are still a few weeks left so stay tuned for One for the Money next week.