SCOPE it Out!

Michelle R Morra

Everyone give yourselves a hand… have made it through the first full week of classes!!! After a long week of classes, everyone wants to relax and have fun hanging out with friends.

SCOPE planned some great events for students to do just that.  We provided a fantastically funny movie, buses for a bowling trip, and even brought a game show to campus.

The SCOPE Film Committee picked a humorous movie this week to start off our weekly showings.  Each week, SCOPE picks a movie that was a big hit in the movie theaters but isn’t yet out on DVD.  This week, we picked MacGruber.  The movie, based on the Saturday Night Live character that does a spoof on MacGyver by creating inventions that don’t necessarily work, was filled with humor, violence, ridiculous stories, romance, action and just full of a great time.  If you missed out on the laughs this week, don’t worry, we are showing Toy Story 3 on Wednesday and Friday in the Alumni Lounge at 9pm.  So come see Woody and Buzz, your favorite childhood friends!!!

The SCOPE Weekend Programming Committee also planned some great weekend events.  Every week SCOPE Weekend plans an event for both Friday and Saturday.  On Friday, we planned a bowling trip with Student Activities Late Night Programming.  Students had fun with their friends getting strikes or gutter balls, while having a bunch of laughs and memorable moments.  For Saturday, we brought the game show Fear to campus, the game show that combines Jeopardy and the show Fear Factor.  Not exactly sure who had more fun though: the students participating in the game show or the students watching.  Students not only had to answer trivia questions about horror films and phobias, but they were also put through challenges that tested if they had the elements of fear.  Either way, we think all students that came to the event had loads of fun!!!  Think you missed out on great time, well gather up your friends this weekend and join us on Friday, September 10, in Dodd’s at 7 p.m. for Rob Rasner’s Magic Show and on Saturday, September 11, for inflatables and fun food, in the Quad at 9 p.m.

Also coming up this week, on Monday, September 13 from 12:30-4:30 in the Quad, Who Doesn’t Need Toilet Paper???, a cash cube event where you could win room supplies such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, I-home, or even a printer.  On Tuesday, September 14 at 9 p.m. in Bartels, we’ll have Beanhouse, our monthly open mike night for anyone that wants to sing or play guitar for an audience.  So come on over and have an enjoyable time on SCOPE!!!