SCOPE Hosts Music Week


Caitlin Carney

To build the hype for the Fall Fest concert on Saturday, October 8, SCOPE ran music themed events every night of the week leading up to the event. Those who attended the events got to enjoy various musical performances and games throughout the week.

October Beanhouse was held on Monday night in the Alumni Lounge. The event featured good food, and a performance by Fully Charged, the acapella group on campus. They performed their rendition of Heathens by Twenty-One Pilots, which was a hit with the crowd and gained them a hefty applause. The Beanhouse also featured Crystal Clear, an indie pop band on campus.

The band’s percussionist, Jameson Hegger, said that the event was “a good way to get exposure and see the other talented musicians that go to school here.”

The band felt as though they received incredible feedback and they are thankful to have such a supportive community at U.N.H.

Vocalist of the band, Jo Sinta said, “open mics are a great way to share our music in an intimate setting.”

Crystal Clear was formed in the Bethel lounge during the first week of school and they are already doing big things, soon enough they will be selling out concerts somewhere.

Tuesday featured a competitive “Name That Tune” game where six contestants stood at a table in the front and had to hit the table once a song started playing if they knew the song’s title and artist. Each round featured ten songs and the winner got to pick out of a hat to find out what gift card they won. Songs ranged from current hits to obscure songs that few people knew. All in all, the event was incredibly well received and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday featured Music Game Night in the alumni lounge. Attendees were able to enjoy music type trivia with friends while competing for prizes.

Students got to relive their childhood on Thursday night with Disney karaoke. Those who attended the event got to sing a variety of throwback Disney songs from The Lion King to the Jonas brothers, and everything in between.

Freshman, Ife Campbell enjoyed watching her friends go up and sing in front of everyone, she even went up and sang too.

“It was a nice atmosphere because everyone was accepting and all of us reminisced about our childhoods,” Campbell said about the night.

Throughout the night, attendees joined in with those with the microphones to sing along to their favorite songs, giving the night a very comforting, welcoming feel.

On Friday, there was a trip to see Jersey Boys in New York City.

Freshman, Bridget Carman attended this trip with friends and loved every minute of it. She loves Broadway and collects playbills, so this trip was a great opportunity for her. Carman also said one of the more entertaining parts of the night was watching a group of intoxicated women singing along to the show.

Carman said, “People should definitely sign up for SCOPE trips! They’re 100% free and so much fun!”

Finally, to bring the week of excitement to a close, SCOPE held a Fall Fest Concert. The concert included a performance by Reel Big Fish in the evening, as well as other music acts during the day.

The Reel Big Fish concert was held in the German Club with doors opening at 6 p.m. Due to Hurricane Matthew, SCOPE and MIC encountered a lot of problems, from power outages to location changes. However, they wound up keeping up with all of the problems and this allowed for the day to be a success.

MIC member Will Turner said, “We all had fun and we’re excited to do it again next year!”

Everyone in attendance enjoyed the afternoon music acts as well as the evening concert.

All in all the day, and the week as a whole, were jam packed with exciting events and everyone had a whole lot of fun.