SCOPE’s Graffiti Night

Michelle R Morra

Over the weekend, while the campus was full of Criminal Justice students competing against each other for the top spot, Friday’s event in the Programming Space was bustling with people who wanted to take their mug shot, get a graffiti hoodie or sports ball, or a custom license plate.  Even UNH’s Criminal Justice majors were waiting in line!

There were numerous activities to do in the Programming Space, but the most popular was designing a specialized hoodie with their name and a design.  The hoodies coming out of there were colorful and every one was special to each person.  Students could also pick a picture to go with their name making each one even more special!

Not only were there graffitied hoodies, there were also graffitied sports balls.  Students got there pick of a basketball, football, or soccer ball that an artist drew their names or nicknames on with colorful markers.  Each one was special and unique to each person and very colorful.

If students really wanted to feel like a criminal, they could get their mug shot taken.  After getting their mug shots taken, the photos were put on mugs!  Mugs on Mugs were really cool and most students thought it was going to be a great present for their parents, plus it would be a really great joke!

Last but not least, there were custom license plates.  These plates were made specific to each person in name, color, pattern, and font.  The artist doing the plates was hard at work making each one special for each student and he succeeded with each one.  They were all colorful and the patterns were blowing people away.

Even if every student didn’t get what they wanted, they still got something that was made just for them and they loved it.