Schwarzenegger Lays Down the Law at Home

Melanie Rovinsky

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger openly reprimanded his wife for using her cell phone while driving: an act that breaks a law he helped bring into effect in July 2008.
Two photographs of Maria Shriver were posted to the celebrity website, on Oct. 13. Both photos show Shriver holding a phone to her ear while behind the wheel of her SUV. Video footage of Shriver was also added to the website later that day.

In response to TMZ’s evidence against his wife, Schwarzenegger wrote on his Twitter to thank the site’s founder for bringing the violations to his attention and to declare that “swift action” would be taken. According to the Republican American Aaron McLear, the governor’s spokesman clarified that by “swift action,” Schwarzenegger simply meant telling his wife not to do it again.

As it stands, the California law requires all drivers to use hands-free devices when using their cell phones. Schwarzenegger has previously praised this law, and even warned his teenage daughter not to violate it.

The Associated Press says that Shriver issued a statement on Oct. 14 claiming that she would donate her cell phone to a program that helps domestic violence shelters. She said this act is her “version of swift action with a higher purpose.”