Samantha Moul Elected 2016-2017 USGA President

Elissa Sanci

Junior Samantha Moul has been elected the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Student Government Association President. Moul, originally from North Attleboro, Mass., is studying Forensic Psychology.

Charger Bulletin: What other organizations are you involved in, and do you hold any positions within those organizations?

Samantha Moul: I am currently a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon and am serving my second term as the treasurer. I also am a general member of PRIDE and Gamma Sigma Alpha Honor Society and a former member of our NCAA Track and Field and Cross Country teams. I also currently serve as the USGA Executive Assistant and work in the Office of Intercultural Relations as a Diversity Peer Educator.
CB: Why did you run for USGA President?

SM: As an incoming freshman, I was extremely shy and wasn’t sure how to get involved. As I explored more of our campus, I fell in love with all that UNH and specifically USGA had to offer. After the most recent USGA Retreat led by our current e-board, I realized that having the opportunity to bring everyone together was something I wanted to continue throughout my collegiate career. Now I have run for USGA President in the hope that I can give back to UNH all that it has given me. I want to make the experience each student has on this campus the best it can be!

CB: When did you first get involved with USGA?

SM: I first got involved in USGA at the beginning of my sophomore year as a representative for the Honors Student Council. The following semester, I became a voting member of the House as the Delta Phi Epsilon representative and I have spent the entirety of my junior year on the executive board as Executive Assistant.
CB: How has your time as Executive Assistant prepared you for this next step?

SM: Being on this year’s executive board has truly prepared me for the role of President. I have been able to have a greater insight in to all that goes in to USGA and have become accustomed to making decisions for the betterment of our University. I have also learned what it is like to have to communicate with students, faculty, and administration through my role on the executive board and I know that job will only continue to a greater degree as the President. James has been such an incredible President to work for and being able to work so closely with him, he has guided me and continues to inspire my leadership styles.

CB: What do you like most about being part of USGA?

SM: USGA has allowed me to meet so many incredible people I may not have met otherwise. Knowing I have the ability to help all of these individuals and RSOs continue to be successful is absolutely my favorite part.

CB: Now that you’ve been elected as President, are there any changes you plan to make next year, or any new ideas you’d like to implement?

SM: Working with OSA on the re-recognition process is something I would like to change for the coming year. While I see the importance of many of the events required in the re-recognition process, I find that working with OSA to combine some activities and/or explain the importance and purpose of such a process will allow our organizations to become more successful and not be set back by the mandatory process.

CB: What do you think the biggest issue on campus is, and what do you think you can do to solve it (or get as close to solving it as possible)?

SM: The biggest issue on our campus is a lack of communication. Whether it is between students, between clubs and organizations, or between students and faculty and administration, I have found that many larger campus concerns have stemmed from a lack of understanding between parties. Simply being a liaison and finding ways to communicate these issues as a student body leader, I hope will cause people to understand that we have the capability to ask questions, learn, and grow as a single, unified university.