Safe Zone Trains Allies for GLBTQ Students

Zack Rosen

“The mission of the University of New Haven Safe Zone Program is to create a safe environment for anyone who is questioning or wishes to celebrate differences in sexuality, sexual identity, and/or gender identity.  Through education, outreach, community resources, and identifying allies, we will promote understanding and support to students, faculty, staff and families.”

This is the first thing you read when visiting UNH’s brand new Safe Zone Program website at This fall, the University of New Haven has started a program designed to support the needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning (GLBTQ) students that has been modeled throughout campuses all across the country. This program is set to train faculty and staff members on how to serve as an ally for the GLBTQ community.

In Nazi concentration camps, prisoners were classified according to their “crimes.” For example, Jews were forced to wear a yellow star, and gay men were forced to wear a pink triangle. The UNH Safe Zone logo incorporates an upside down triangle, which is symbolic of those pink triangles, and also includes the UNH logo and the rainbow (Freedom) flag, which is an international symbol of ending oppression.

Headed by co-chairs Ric Baker and Wanda Tyler (Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Intercultural Affairs, respectively), the UNH Safe Zone Advisory Board also includes Amanda Bozack, David Brubaker, Becca Kitchell, Mike Lawlor, Lisa Saverese, David Schroeder, Matthew Schwartz, and Eileen Tabler. A full list of Safe Zone Allies can be found on the website at