Roxy Green, the University’s Favorite Crossing Guard

Roxy Green, the Universitys Favorite Crossing Guard

Roxanne “Roxy” Green has been a loyal member of the University of New Haven security team for seven years, and has helped keep several students safe and positive throughout her career. Formerly the assistant executive housekeeper at the Omni-New Haven at Tale Hotel, Green started her job as a cross walk and security personnel at East Haven High school at the suggestion of a friend. Afterwards she was transferred to the university staff where she has been since.

Green is typically found manning the cross walk between Bethel Hall and the Charger Plaza, directing the flow of traffic for both students and West Haven citizens. She can be seen playing music from her car and dancing along, talking with students waiting to cross, and greeting all those she meets with a compliment and a warm smile. Green finds that interacting with the students is the best part of her job.

“I get to see the kids every day, and I make everybody happy, make everybody smile. You know, to start their day make everybody feel good. [Interacting] with the kids keeps me going… just seeing their faces really makes my day, making one another’s day, got a lot of love for everybody.

Though not really seen on campus, when the rare sighting occurs, Green is usually to assist with the security surrounding events at the German Club, and monitoring the crowds at football games.

Of all the trials and challenges she has faced, Green’s efforts and enthusiasm has paid off. Her strong personality and love for the students has resonated with them, and has helped her achieve two University honors. In 2016, she was awarded the Proclamation of Appreciation at the Senior’s Winter Gala through a nomination by the students. In addition, she the 2016 winner of the Student Service award, again, nominated by the university students.

Green was honored to have received these, and was grateful for all the students who chose her. But in her words, her greatest achievement was the safety and happiness of the students.

“All those awards are nice, but the greatest thing I’ve done is getting the students across with a smile on their face. That’s the best of all,” Green said.