Rooming Selections

Nadine Northway

The semester is ending and everyone is thinking about their lives for fall 2013. For some people, they will be graduates going out into the real world, but for a lot of us, we are oh-so-impatiently awaiting our rooming selection. It is that time of the year where lottery numbers are assigned and everyone wants to get perfect roommates and a perfect room.

My roommates and I have wanted to live together for a long time now, so for me, that is out of the way. However, a lot of people still have not figured that out. Whether your best friend is transferring or is a commuter, you need to find some awesome roommates. It is tough getting to know a stranger and hoping they are the perfect roommate. You need to make sure you are just as clean or messy as the other, if they like to blast music or not, if they are heavy partiers, if they like to be alone, if they borrow things without asking, if they do their laundry in a reasonable amount of time, if they go to the gym, and maybe most importantly, when they sleep.

Another thing you have to do at this time of the year is assess which building you like best. For me, I am soon to be a sophomore, and I know which building my roommates and I will be living in. We did not want Sheffield because of the carpeted floors, we did not want anything off campus because one of our roommates does a sport and has to walk to North campus daily (it would just be cruel making her walk farther), so we all voted on Winchester. I would have loved Forrest Hills, but it would be unfair to my roommate. If you are a junior, Soundview is lovely, and off-campus housing is so private and nice. If you are a senior, you are probably like me and want to be living off campus by then.

Then there is the scary thought of what type of room you can possibly get. You might have to share a room with one person, two people, maybe even three. Or you could be very lucky and get a single room. I was always an only child, so having roommates is still a weird concept to me. I like my privacy and space, so having three other people in my room seems dreadful. Also, most girls come with a lot of stuff to find space for in our cramped dorms. Luckily, my triple room only had myself and one other girl, so we had extra space. Otherwise, we would have been incredibly cramped as I am sure a lot of people are.

Hopefully everyone gets the perfect roommates with the perfect building and the perfect room. Just remember that all of those things are just small things to the perfect college experience. Not everything can be perfect, so if something goes wrong it is not the end of the world.

Try to make new friends and try new things so that you can have the best time of your life. If you don’t like your roommates, hang out with your friends more. If you don’t like your room, do your best to decorate it so it suits you, and try to organize your belongings into smaller spaces. If you don’t like your building, get a bulldozer. Just kidding… if you don’t like your building improvise and buy a vacuum for the carpeting or a bike for the hike to North campus. Good luck everyone!